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Ignition Interlocks

Ignition Interlocks

The Ignition Interlock is a very powerful tool in keeping Alcohol impaired drivers off of the road.  The driver is required to blow into the hand held device and blow through the mouth piece to provide a sample of their breath.  The device measures the Breath Alcohol Content and if there is no alcohol present the vehicle will start.  The Interlock also prompts the driver to give Rolling Re-tests while the vehicle is running.  This prevents a driver from driving down the road and drinking after the vehicle has been started.  If you happen to see a vehicle going down the road with horn honking and the head lights flashing on and off, get out of its way and dial 911.  That’s what happens when you fail a Rolling Re-test.  This is also intended to force the driver to pull over and shut the vehicle off so as not to draw attention to them.  Once the vehicle is shut off, the horn stops blowing and the lights stop flashing.

After the vehicle has failed the Rolling Re-test it will not start again and is locked out.  After a period of time, the driver may attempt to start the vehicle again but it will not start until the presence of alcohol is no longer detected.  The Ignition Interlock will also need to be replaced within 10 days forcing the driver to contact the Ignition Interlock provider to replace the device.  If the Ignition Interlock is not replaced the vehicle remains locked out and unable to drive.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Ignition Interlock that discourage drivers that are required to have the device from having one installed.  The cost is on the average $75.00 per month and costs about $75.00 to install.  From the time we take an application we can have the device installed at one of the approved installation shops near you within a couple of days.  The devices have a chord much like an old telephone cord that curls up so the device can be laid near the driver where it can be reached comfortably when prompted to blow.  The cord also makes it convenient to place the device under the seat or in a console when the vehicle is not in use.