Utah allows DUI Offenders the opportunity to serve their Jail time on Electronic or GPS Monitoring.  Most Courts prefer GPS Monitoring to Electronic Monitoring so the Offender’s movements can be traced.  It also insures the Offender is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be and not somewhere they’re not supposed to be.  EM Monitoring only tracks when the Offender is home or not.  It does not have the ability to track movement because it is limited by RF communication only.  EM Monitoring is a great alternative to Jail for Offenders that are seriously ill or elderly and not required to go to work.

GPS Monitoring is the best alternative to Jail.  With most Jails requiring Offenders to “Pay to Stay” it is often cheaper for the Offender to be on GPS House Arrest with Work Release.  If you find yourself in the position of facing Jail time be sure to have your Attorney request the Court to allow you to serve your Jail Time at home.   GPS House Arrest makes it possible for Offenders to keep their jobs, be with family and attend Treatment.

Mike Green
Article by Mike Green

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