GPS / EM Monitoring for House Arrest and Work Release

GPS Ankle Monitoring is also available for DUI Offenders in lieu of Jail when ordered by the court.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and GPS Ankle Monitoring usually costs less to the offender than Jail “Pay to Stay.”

GPS: Offender Tracking – Alternatives to Incarceration

You already know that community-based sanctions save money over traditional incarceration and offer offenders the opportunity to work, attend  school, and rehabilitate in a positive environment.

Jails are the most visible and active components of the criminal justice system, processing approximately 15 million arrestees per year. Jail administrators struggle to manage the growing number of offender populations held in jail without adequate resources. Meanwhile, communities are forced to prioritize government resource allocations and usually deny funding for new jails or expansion of existing facilities in favor of other community developments. Local jails will remain dangerously overcrowded unless law enforcement, courts, and other community agencies implement viable and creative methods to expand the capacity of existing facilities.

Jail Overcrowding Impacts the Entire Local Criminal Justice System

• Overcrowding can cause dangerous working conditions for those who work inside the jail.
• Severely overcrowded jails are often subject to federal litigation that may result in intervention and costly fines.
• Overcrowding often causes increases in inmate lawsuits.
• Overcrowding often forces local governments to house offenders in neighboring jails at costly daily rates, compounding security and budget  concerns.
• Overcrowding often creates increases in staff turnover and overtime pay for jail personnel.
• Clogged jails impede the judicial process.
• Taxpayers lose confidence in the system when jails are forced to release unsupervised offenders into the community.

Experience shows that communities are not going to build their way out of the jail-overcrowding problem. Normally, within a few months of opening a new jail, overcrowding begins to occur. New options are needed that keep the public safe, achieve criminal justice system goals, and are cost effective.

GPS For Bail Bond Agencies

In today’s economy it is important to the professional Bail Bond Agent to manage their risk. The basics you must consider are:
• Where is your defendant right now? Are they where they say they are?
• If you had to look for them right now, where would you start.
• If you needed to speak to them immediately, could you?